Women's Health

Wide range of surgical options (key hole and open surgeries) are offered to treat various gynaecological conditions keeping in mind women's needs & personal preferences.

Assessment & Management of Pelvic Pain (painful sex, painful periods, abnormal ovarian cysts/masses).

 Assessment & Management of Abnormal periods/Heavy bleeding -Wide range of management options available (Non-surgical like hormonal IUD Mirena & Novasure endometrial ablation/Surgical - Hysterectomy) to suit the needs of the woman.

 Management of Abnormal pap smears & colposcopy.

 Work up & Management of Infertility & Recurrent pregnancy loss .

 Menopause Counseling & Management including Hormone Replacement therapy and alternative therapies.

 Assessment and management of female genital prolapse.

Contraception and fertility control for woman of child bearing age including temporary & Permanent methods. Temporary methods include hormonal and non-hormonal methods like insertion of Implanon, Multi Load, Mirena etc.